Workshop “Theorizing the Portuguese Colonial Experience”

Workshop: Theorizing the Portuguese Colonial Experience. Images, History, Power (16-17 June 2013, Companhia das Culturas, Castro Marim)


13h45 – Welcome, Eglantina Monteiro, Cristiana Bastos, Ricardo Roque and Manuela Ribeiro Sanches

14h00-14h45: Manuela Ribeiro Sanches (CEC-FLUL)

The uses of the archive: some thoughts on colonial images and postcolonial melancholia

14h45-15h30: Carmo Piçarra (ICS-UL/ISCTE)

Empire cinema: disruptive colonial representations through Estado Novo films

15h30-15h45: Coffee Break

15h45-16h30: Marcos Cardão (CEHC-IUL)

Beauty pageants and imperial power: intimacy and sexuality in the late Portuguese Empire

16h30-17h15: Ana Balona de Oliveira (CEC-FLUL/IHA-FCSH-UNL)

Art HIstory, Postcolonial Theory and ´Lusophone´Contemporary Art

20h00: Dinner at Companhia das Culturas

After Dinner Event: Contemporary films by Filipa César and Daniel Barroca

Daniel Barroca, O importante é ligar a cabeça à mão/´The importante is to link the head to the hand´, video e desenho 2008-2011

Filipa César, Cacheu, video 10´

Selected and presented by Eglantina Monteira and Nuno Faria


11h00-11h45: Cristina Nogueira da Silva (FD-UNL)

Were Portuguese citizens all those who were born in Portuguese territory? Fluid narratives on imperial citizenship

11h45-12h30: Ricardo Roque (ICS-UL/University of Sydney)

Luso-tropical horrors: vulnerability, savagery and the Portuguese in Timor

12h30-14h00: Lunch

14h00-14h-45: Cristiana Bastos (ICS-UL)

Bringing them in while keeping them out: colonial medicine, indigenous subjects and local agents

Final comments & discussion, Ann Laura Stoler (New School for Social Research)



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