Mimesis in History & Theory

O Esquadrão a Cavalo prepara-se para partir para Huato Buicari,local da homenagem ao Alferes Francisco Duarte, o Arbiru, no dia 19 de Julho de 1969 [foto de Norberto Benigno]
We offer here a bibliography of published works related with the concept of mimesis and its influence in history and theory. We tried to provide a broad outlook, collecting works from different theoretic and historiographical traditions. Thus the list includes publications from a variety of authors, expressing many different epistemological agendas.

Please note that this bibliography is still a work-in-progress and is in draft form. You are welcome to use it and cite it, but please reference it appropriately.
You can download the bibliography here.

Some publications listed in this bibliography are easily accessible online and the list provides working links for them.

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